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06/27/16 09:52 PM #98    


Sharon McConnell (Johnson)

I am very sad to hear the news of Linda's passing.  So many wonderful classmates - so many gone too soon.

06/28/16 01:08 AM #99    

Rosemary Hoermann (Williams)

Sorry to hear about Linda. I still remember her in a poodle skirt at Montezuma.

06/28/16 01:05 PM #100    


Richard Steele

So sorry to learn of another Hornet passing.  May God surround Linda's family with love.

08/20/16 06:17 PM #101    


Patricia Shell (Glatt)

Haven't been on here in a while so am late in hearing the news of Linda's passing.. Blessing and wishes to her Family and friends..

Am not good about staying up with what is going on..  

11/11/18 12:35 PM #102    


Sandra Sorey (Lambley)

Just touching base thinking of 1964 and wondering where every one is Bill Smith. Sherron Smith. George Miller and hi to Neil Heiss Larry Wyatt and everyone else. Have a wonderful merry Christmas!  Sandy

11/12/18 10:22 PM #103    


Bill Russell

Hey Sandra, I also have missed many who are not on board. I ran into  George Miller  on my return from Vietnam in an assigned squadron we were both were in, in Las Vegas Nevada {Nellis Air Force Base} but have not seen or heard from him since--that was  Nov. 1968.  I remember him living on Dakota, Flordia, or Georgia st. in the S.E. Heights just south of Trumble Ave.  I lived on Arizona and Trumble across the street for Judy Huckaby who has a profile on this web.  I also knew Bill Smith (Bill B.) that is. Wish we could see them all !!!

Bill Russell

11/13/18 11:27 AM #104    


Neil Hise

Hello Sandra and Bill Russell,

Thanks for the Hello Sandra , I hope all is well with you and your family.  We are still doing the same ol' thing I was doing in HS!  Building and selling mining stuff.  Ha, only difference is my daughter is taking over, and the second daughter has provided  the 4th generation of ownership.  Now if the damn gov't would just leave us alone we could perhaps survive till the 4th generation is old enough to either want to continue or not.  We'll see.

Bill, last I heard George Miller was in Georgia somewhere, been several years since my info so I can't help much.   Bill Smith was in Farmington NM last I knew but I have a dark feeling that he is no longer with us.  He worked for me many years ago and married a lady and moved up north.  I don't have contact info, but something sticks in my mind that 8-9 years ago I received the bad news.   Hope I'm wrong, as he was a good friend.

11/13/18 02:40 PM #105    


Bill Russell

Hey Neil,                                                                                                                                                                 Thanks for the response.  Your name came up in an  email (birthday wish), with Karen Sue Walker and she mentioned you living across the street from her  back in the days..  Sweet girl/lucky you.  Sounds like your family and extended family are doing well.  I SALUTE you for your service and especially your efforts with Angel Flights.  I share your love for flying.

I think I have determined that George Miller probably lived on Flordia, just south of where you were, also Greg Tingley and maybe Denny Collins.  Ken Kerby lives in Farmington ,I believe, and possibly he knows something on Bill Smith?? Carol McElvaney lived south of me on Arizona along with Chip Wilson, Johnny Gillis, Mike Jordon and Carolyn Lavandoski (deceased).  Judy Huckaby  lived right across the street also.

Promise I'm not name dropping names, just thinking the more names the "64" class has a visual on, the more likely they may find they have a scratch to itch and participate in this forum.  Larry Wyatt has been an over-achiver on our web and I for one have enjoyed re-calling the way things were!!!

Be Safe,

Bill Russell



11/14/18 07:06 AM #106    


David Fish

Names from the past Bill. Thanks.  Denny used to live a few houses away on Aliso years ago.  Nick Demas and Bill O'Neil just around the corner.  Others close by. Greetings to all from freezing and snow flurries Houston!  Or so they say early this morning.  I did not see them.  Always good to see and follow the forum.  Have a great Holiday season all.  As we all get a bit older, I am reminded of a comment I heard the other day........... "we were all born in the first half of the last century"!  That helps alot!!  Lots of great memories with the Class of '64. 

02/04/20 05:52 AM #107    

Ivan White

Robert (Bob) Squires passed away in 2017.

04/04/20 08:12 AM #108    


Sandra Sorey (Lambley)

To all please stay safe with Corono virus-19 lerking around


04/06/20 03:40 PM #109    


Vicki Vanlandingham (Parrish)

Thank you Sandy,  hope all our classmates are staying healthy!

04/08/20 08:09 AM #110    

Nicola Struckle (McBurney)

I am so sorry to hear about Nancy's passing.  God bless to her and her family.

04/11/20 10:17 AM #111    


Sandra Sorey (Lambley)

So sorry to hear of Nancy's loss. "Angles around Mark and family"

04/12/20 05:06 PM #112    

William (Bill) Camp

Fellow Hornets,

It's so sad when we lose friends like Nancy who have meant so much to us. She, and others, have left us with so many wonderful memories.  Today, as we celebrate Easter, let's be grateful and reach out to or think about all of the wonderful friends who are still in our lives and all of those who have made us who we are through the years.  I hope you are all having a very Happy Easter with your families and loved ones.

Bill Camp

06/28/20 04:11 PM #113    


Larry Wyatt

Coach Bill Gentry's obituary in the Albuquerque Journal 28 June 2020

So Long Coach.


06/28/20 04:15 PM #114    


Larry Wyatt


Jack Dettweiler Class of '63

75th Birthday Party

I checked with the Country Club yesterday, and we still have an evening reserved in September

for our Party. However, unless the Governor lifts her restrictions, we are not allowed to have such

a gathering. So, we either need to impeach the Governor or start thinking about a Plan B. If she 

doesn't lift the restrictions, I don't know where we can celebrate. 



12/20/20 08:46 AM #115    


Sandra Sorey (Lambley)

This year has been so very different -WOW what a year!  I hope this finds you all well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and a wish for a great new year!  Stay well!  Sandy Sorey Lambley

12/21/20 06:51 AM #116    


David Fish

Indeed.......... Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to all.  Looking forward to a better 2021.  Cheers!! 

12/21/20 07:11 PM #117    


Susan Lewellyn (Pamerleau)

LARRY - If us Texans are still required to have a passport to get into New Mexico... no problem... just move to Texas!!  We have a governor with common sense!!  Just had to say it... couldn't help myself!!  cheekydevilwink

12/22/20 03:18 PM #118    


David Fish

Good one Susan!!  True enough.

And Merry Christmas to all!! 

12/23/20 10:18 AM #119    

Ronald Millage

Hope all is well with our many friends from the class of '64!  Looking forward to a better year in 2021!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

05/23/24 04:00 AM #120    

Gary Miloglav

Happy 60th anniversary class of 1964!

05/24/24 08:50 AM #121    


Vicki Vanlandingham (Parrish)

Happy 60th Graduation Anniversary Class of 1964.  Seems like yesterday.  Great Class!  Great school!  Thinking of everyone today!

05/24/24 09:25 AM #122    


David Fish

Great memories indeed.  Last night attended the 8th grandchild high school graduation.  687 kids.  Ours was much better organized.  No metal detectors, etc.  Times have changed.  Happy 60th Hornets! 

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